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Chicory greens Vitamin info and Well being advantages

Choice and storage

Sugar leaf chicory
Sugar leaf chicory (Cichorium endivia var. Porphyreum). Picture courtesy: Suzie’s Farm.

Chicory greens finest out there throughout winter months, though hydroponically grown recent endive could be purchased year-round within the US. Select the greens with a pale heart surrounded by agency, shiny, crisp leaves which might be very curly and vivid inexperienced. Keep away from wilted, robust, and discolored (yellow) leaves.

To retailer, place chicory greens or escarole in a perforated plastic bag, or wrap loosely in a humid paper/material. Keep away from putting in shut packs. Discard wilted or brown-tipped leaves. Rightly saved greens may final for 1 week within the fridge set at acceptable humidity.

Preparation and serving strategies

Simply earlier than utilizing, wash chicory and escarole shortly in chilly water with out letting it soak. Take away any withered leaves and onerous sections. Minimize and season solely simply earlier than utilizing.

Chicory and escarole are utilized in the identical approach as lettuce or spinach, which they change or mixed with.

Listed below are some serving suggestions:

  • Uncooked, particularly served dressed with a French dressing or mayonnaise. They type an fascinating combine with different greens.

  • Chicory could be braised or added to soups on the finish of cool g time for taste. White bean and escarole soup is fashionable South Italian recipe.

  • Belgian endive is used uncooked in salads or braised and served as a vegetable.

  • It will also be braised, then chopped utilized in flans, omelets and quiche.

Security profile

Chicory greens extensively consumed throughout Europe and American states. Though this inexperienced leafy vegetable accommodates excessive concentrations of bitter glycosides and inulin, no recognized uncomfortable side effects to date notified when utilized in average portions.(Medical disclaimer).

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