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New Exterior Column! And Extra! – Bike Snob NYC

I’ve obtained a brand new column on the Exterior internet presence:

Undecided about that inventory picture–I imply they could as effectively have simply gone with this:

I notice that occurring and on about how batteries are destroying biking and humanity simply makes me sound like an previous fuddy-duddy, however I’m positively cutting-edge in comparison with the members within the 2023 British Penny Farthing Championships:

I’m shocked old-timey bicycle fans not solely settle for however appear to really embrace the time period “penny-farthing,” which I’d suppose they’d discover sort of cutesy and patronizing. If something suppose they need to stick to “atypical,” because it drives dwelling the concept this configuration ought to be the default, and that the bicycles the remainder of us experience as we speak are merely “security bicycles” designed to coddle the fearful and incompetent. However what do I do know? Actually, the one factor I do know concerning the high-stakes (actually excessive, they’re sitting like seven ft up within the air) world of elite penny-farthing competitors is that you simply by no means fuck with the race officers:

That had higher be a Victorian-era hydration pack:

Talking of anachronisms, there are method too many stars on that flag:

True atypical riders refuse to acknowledge any territory that was granted statehood post-safety bicycle:

Additionally, what’s with that modern-looking brake?

Spoon brake or GTFO:

[Photo: Classic Cycle]

As for the racing, it’s as thrilling as you’d suppose it will be–watch as a man dressed like a waiter clambers aboard his lofty steed and takes the opening shot:

With no cogs or gears of any form it’s all about wheel measurement, which is why the recent dialog in the beginning is at all times, “What diameter you working?”

Additionally, don’t let the EF jersey idiot you, that’s not Lachlan Morton. Penny-farthing racing is without doubt one of the only a few types of different biking into which he hasn’t caught his sunburned nostril and wispy moustache…but:

However give it time.

In 2023 it’s simple to dismiss penny-farthings as quaint and ridiculous, however while you see them in motion you actually do start to understand what a sight these early wheelmen will need to have been as they rolled throughout the panorama:

At present it’s laborious to consider that there was really a time bicycles would have appeared futuristic, however consider they had been mainly the primary type of land transport that didn’t both belch steam or shit.

Talking of belching steam, this man’s not fucking round with the aerobars:

And talking of horses, each horses and penny-farthing Q-factor had been measured in arms:

Anyway–spoiler alert–right here’s the lads’s winner:

And right here’s the ladies’s winner:

Am I loopy, or is {that a} crabon fork?

After the race, it’s time to confront the chilly realities of lives within the current, resembling the best way to get your high-wheeler onto your hybrid Toyota:

I ponder if the early wheelmen had bike racks on their buggies and drove to the group experience…

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